We’re ExpressionEngine Experts

We’re ExpressionEngine Experts
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About Director-ee

Director-ee is all about connecting the ExpressionEngine community, making it easy to find and learn about other EE developers and designers. Our goal is to provide an attractive, uniform method for displaying and maintaining personal profiles so that the EE community can find and stay in touch with one another. As a result the site has also become a useful tool for clients in need of EE professionals.

Director-ee is designed and developed by Ryan Battles and Andy Johnson. Before Director-ee our previous method for finding other EE fans involved scouring Twitter, blogs, various forums, etc. We thought how nice it would be to have a central "directory" that made it easier to find and learn about other EE folks. Director-ee is the result.

We used a handful of tools in the design and development of this site. Photoshop handled the graphics, while Coda and Espresso took care of the markup. The @font-face font used for headings throughout is League Gothic from The League of Movable Type.

Director-ee is currently running on ExpressionEngine 2.5.3, with the following addons:

Director-ee is hosted by the fine folks at EngineHosting.