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Samuel King

“ExpressionEngine developer extraordinaire. Part-time-bearded, coffee-addicted, stoner-rocker sans-stoner, father & husband.”

Location: Charleston, SC

URL: http://www.ehousestudio.com

Twitter: lightofmind

Company: {e} house studio

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I am the Development Director for {e} house studio, a digital marketing agency located in Charleston, SC. I was an early adopter and evangelist for web standards and accessibilty, and I strive to make the web a more semantically-beautiful place. I have a passion for food, animals, music and garden gnomes… not necessarily in that order.

For as long as I remember, I’ve been taking things apart, from GI Joe’s to lawn mowers to guitars and yes, Mom, that was me that took apart the vacuum cleaner. It was all in the attempt to figure out how they worked, and more importantly (and, unfortunately in the case of the vacuum cleaner, unsuccessfully) to put them back together. There was something incredibly exciting about stripping an object to it’s core and then rebuilding it piece by piece until it was perfect. My love affair with computers began in the third grade (coincidentally, around the same time as the vacuum cleaner “incident”)  with my introduction to the amazingly powerful Apple IIe. In a computer class, I learned how to use code (BASIC) to animate blocks on a screen and my passion for the art of programming was ignited.

During a stint tending my very own plot on a cubicle farm, I began learning HTML in order to help work on the company’s web site. The more I learned, the more I realized that web development provided the ultimate marriage of analytical and creative thinking, and the more I realized that it was exactly what I wanted. I soon set off on my own to begin my journey as a freelancer. Many (many…) years later, I remain unbelieveably challenged by this industry and strive to learn as much as I possibly can.