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Laurie Ruggles

“Just a geek with a few quirky hobbies.”

Location: Dallas, TX

URL: http://www.enginehosting.com

Twitter: @mizgeek (geek posts only) or @princesslaurie

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Director of Client Operations for Enginehosting. That means I do anything Nevin doesn’t want to do. :) I’m a long-time geek as in my first computer was the Compaq-suitcase-luggable. I’ve been in the online world over 20 years (remember commercial BBSs?) and the software development world for over 20 years with different titles including tech writer, user advocate, web designer, marketing director, ops manager, and support manager. The bottom line is… I’m a geek.

I started using pMachine a million years ago and was thrilled with the ability to publish a website with total control of the content and how it looked. My first pMachine site was a community site for my Everquest guild. They thought I was brilliant. I did a site for my high school class in ExpressionEngine not too long ago that I put up in a weekend. They thought I was brilliant, too. Lesson learned? ExpressionEngine makes me look brilliant.

And yes, I like essay questions.